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During this time, we are offering telehealth using the TherapyPortal for your counseling needs. 

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Information before you get your portal set up:


Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are the supported browsers to use if you are accessing this site from a Microsoft device.


For Mac or IOS devices, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are supported browsers.


For any device, make sure that your browser and operating system have the newest version running.


If after you update your browser and operating, you are still unable to get TherapyPortal to bring up your session, try allowing pop-ups for the site.


In Edge browser to do this:

❖ Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the address bar (…)

❖ Go down to (Settings)

❖ On the left-hand side, scroll down to (Site Permissions)

❖ Find (Pop-ups and Redirects)

❖ In the Allow section, select (Add)

❖ Input the TherapyNotes address and hit Enter

❖ Try to open the portal again Most browsers follow a similar path to allow block-ups.


If you are having trouble figuring out the steps in your browser to allow the site, search in the web for (allowing block-ups in [your browser name]). This should provide instructions for your specific browser.

For parents/guardians:

❖ You will need to create a username and password for each child that is in therapy.

❖ If you also see a clinician for family therapy, this will be the portal you utilize for those sessions, unless otherwise instructed by your clinician.

❖ In the case of families with back to back sessions, enter the portal of the session that is scheduled first.

TherapyPortal Information for Patients:


TherapyPortal is an online telehealth service that connects you directly to your clinician once you have signed in to your user account and clicked on the portal link. This allows you to focus on the session and to worry less about finding Zoom links and passcodes.


To set up TherapyPortal:

❖ You will receive a welcome email from TherapyPortal with a link to set up your user account. You will need to create a password for this account.


Login page:








The welcome email will look like this: 






























❖ Once you have set up your user account, this will be the place you will go to for your therapy appointments.

❖ Each therapy appointment, you login to your user account and click on the portal link provided for that session.











































































































If you sign up for email reminders, TherapyPortal will send you the link for the login before each session with the reminder.

If you do not sign up for email reminders, then you can use the login page link below to access the portal for appointments.


You can login to TherapyPortal at any time to see when upcoming sessions are scheduled. As always with technology, there are positives and negatives associated with its use. This telehealth access portal is not without its glitches. We appreciate your willingness to use this method, and we thank you for your patience in our endeavors to switch to TherapyPortal access. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office: (701) 809-5370

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